Our Company

Palacios Residential Real Estate initiated services in El Paso Texas 20 years ago as a family business. After 5 years of success, we acknowledged that there were even greater opportunities in the industrial Mexican market. By that time, Mexico was rapidly increasing in opportunities due to low cost manufacturing and the upcoming free trade agreement. So, with great expectations we decided to take our chances and expand our business to the industrial market. Despite the challenges of understanding and evolving in this complex environment of political interests, our team efforts, our management strategies, and the company’s achievements have held us to become the most successful industrial real estate company in Mexico, now known as PALACIOS INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE.

Our Ethics

Our company provides a strong standard of professional conduct and a strict code of ethics. Our beliefs stands in "the needs and well-being of the people we serve first", which is more than a moral compass, it has been the main recipe for our business success.

Our Team

Our team of real estate Specialists are in continue training, optimizing their performance at their best which has made this company the most successful in Mexico for the last 15 years.


Our Services

Our service to ῝the Client῞ is to offer the largest inventory of industrial buildings and construction spaces available in Mexico. With a very simple process, ῝the Client῞ can search through our link options, and most likely find the property they are looking for. The links have detail information, pictures and will indicate the property location.
Our company works as an intermediary between the property owner and ῝the Client῞. Our service to the property owner involves publicity, confidentiality and legal advisement. Our service to ῝the Client῞ is to show all the properties of interest and to make offers in their behalf.

Aditional Services

Accurate information is the principal factor that will make a difference in a company´s settlement, rather is good or bad.
If ῝the Client῞ signs an ῝exclusive right to represent contract῞ with our company, we will also give advising in the following at no cost; Mexico’s political concerns, Industrial laws, logistic, development strategies, air, ground, and water transportation routes, industrial permits, human resources, 2013 Mexico’s new taxes laws, national and international trade laws, environmental laws and permits, the new energy reform bill and security matters.

Extra Services

Services like management, human resources, shelter services, construction and suppliers recruitment, are extra services that our company also provides at an additional cost to ῝the Client῞.